philisophy-lavender-600wI believe that birth can and should be a beautiful experience.  It is my mission as a midwife to help my clients develop and communicate their individual birth philosophy and create their own beautiful birth experience, something that is 100% unique to them.

Giving birth can be an empowering, transforming experience for a woman.  Since every birth is special and all aspects of the birth cannot be controlled - such as the date, time or gender, it is my job to understand the philosophy behind the choices you've made so I can help you follow through with them as the birth unfolds as planned or adapt them appropriately if circumstances warrant.

A woman who has taken the time to fully develop her own birth philosophy is better able to navigate and make good choices for herself and her baby no matter what situations may unfold during the birth.  A key element to an empowering, beautiful birth experience is a mother who is not only at the center of the stage, but directing her show.

The choices in birth directly relate to your belief system.  A birth philosophy isn't a "plan", it is the very core of what you hope will happen at the birth. Keep in mind that birth doesn't always go as planned, that is why a birth philosophy is better because it will govern the choices and directions taken during labor, birth and the postpartum hours we spend together.

To gain a good understanding, I will explore your birth philosophy with questions - I may ask why do you want that?  Is it for a religious reason, a cultural one, evidence based birth, etc.  As we get to know each other during your prenatal visits I will ask how you feel about your body's ability to give birth?, what does the process of labor and birth look like? where do you want to labor.  Questions similiar to these assist me in understanding your birth philosophy.