Some of our dearest friends for whom we have been priviledged to serve as midwives have shared public reviews about their experiences on social media, on facebook, google, and more.  If you would like to speak to other moms who have worked with us, please call us at 602-MIDWIFE (643-9433) and I can steer you to clients who have agree to be answer questions from others considering a home birth.


If you have time, please take alook at the blog article above by Nathana Clay ( where she shares her decision-making process for chosing a home birth.




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fb-nathana-clayNathana Clay, 2015 - Alicia was such a blessing to us during our miscarriage, then pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum care. She is knowledgable, kind, compassionate, and friendly. She put us at ease very quickly. Our delivery and care all went very well!

fb-kenzeeHarmonKenzee Harmon, 2015 - She was amazing smile emoticon I can tell she really cared about me and my baby. She really helped keep me calm and made me feel strong.

facebook-kurstaKursta Robinson, 2015 - Alicia is a blessing in my families life! She will always be so much more than just our midwife, she's part of our family! She gave me the courage to do things I wasn't sure about and the knowledge about things I had no idea about! She helped me to find the strength to accomplish so much! I'm forever grateful to what she has done for my family! The love and compassion for what she does is endless....

facebook-katieKatie Mullins, 2015 - Alicia was such an important piece of my birth. I am so grateful that she really upheld the sacred space of my bedroom when I was laboring and encouraged me after birth to BE with my newborn. I will forever remember her patient presence and tender support during my intense delivery. Thank you so much Alicia for always smiling and simply being you! You are a wonderful wonderful midwife.

bbgstacey-facebookStacey, 2015 - Your such a wonderful amazing midwife!!! Thank you so much for being there to catch my baby last night and coach me through the whole process. Will def recommend you and have you care for my future pregnancies (posted in timeline).

facebook-melissaMelissa Kohler, 2014 - What can I say, Alicia is top notch!! She was our doula for our daughters birth last year and we couldn't have made a better decision having her on board. She gave us peace of mind and reassurance as we navigated our first birth. Even though we ended in a csection, it was the most beautiful birth experience from start to finish.

Sara Walters, 2014 - Alicia is one helluv a person and midwife. In a town with no midwife options and two very overbooked OBGYNS who viewed me as a number rather than a mother, I am incredibly blessed to have found her. She worked with me to provide me with the birth I desired, driving 3 hrs to do so. You become part of her family when you receive care from her. Its obvious Alicia loves her job and bringing little ones into the world. Her knowledge and infectious positive attitude are reassuring and encouraging which are indispensable qualities in a midwife.

Naomi Thomas, 2014 - Alicia is an amazing midwife. She is compassionate and professional and a joy to work with. She has exceeded my expectations, which is not an easy thing to do, and I would recommend her to anyone.



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tiklafifeTikla Fife, 2014 - Okay, so I haven't actually given birth yet, I'll be back to review after that, but I have to say so far I am loving working with Alicia.  She is very knowledgable, aware, and flexible.  I have online access to everything, my notes, stats, ultrasound reports, whenever I want which makes me feel in control and informed.  She gives me the confidence I crave without taking away my independence.  That sounds kinda cheesy, I just think she pretty awesome.  Here's to another home birth!!! eek!


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Evelyn Hernandez, 2015 - Alicia was absolutely amazing. I was determined to have a natural birth and took Bradley classes to prepare. Alicia helped make that possible. She helped me get through each contraction, one at a time, in a way that was bearable. She also helped keep me focused, and kept encouraging me every step of the way. It was my first birth and, luckily, it went extremely smoothly, and I know part of the reason was because she was there. I also think that the hospital staff left us alone more than they would've if she wasn't there, probably because they knew Alicia would let them know if there was an issue. I also felt more comfortable having her there because I knew that she was looking out for me and my baby and knew what my goals were. Overall, she was a huge help and I would definitely recommend her to anyone who wants to have a natural child birth at a hospital.

Marie Repec, 2015 - Alicia is a wonderful coach with a very calming approach. She truly takes pride in her work and the knowledge she shares is top notch. Alicia was always reassuring and helped ease my mind throughout my pregnancy when I had questions and helped me maintain a positive attitude throughout labor. If you are looking for a kind, genuine, knowledgeable individual that will respect your birthing preferences for what they are Alicia is a perfect fit for you. if you want they perfect natural birthing experience she will help you through without judging you if your preferences change part way through the process.

Danielle Hazeltine, 2015 - Alicia is wonderful! We hired her to be our doula and monitrice. She is very knowledgable, friendly, and warm, which is why we hired her. Everytime we had a question, she got back to us in a very reasonable period of time. She never rushed us through appointments - we always felt like she was there to answer all our questions. She was a calming presence during labor and was very supportive of my experience. She was also a great advocate for me. I couldn't have asked for a better doula.

Heather Groom, 2015 - Alicia is amazing! She was very helpful to my husband and me during our pregnancy and during the delivery of our twins. She is knowledgeable and always had the answers that I needed in a time of concern/panic. I would recommend her to anyone in need of doula/midwife services. If we are pregnant in the future we will definitely be using her again. Thank you Alicia!!!

Melissa Kohler, 2014 - My husband and I were lucky to have Alicia as our doula for the birth of our daughter in December 2013. Having prepared through the Bradley Method classes, we were introduced to the doula "concept" and knew it was essential for us for our hospital birth. Alicia came out to our house to meet us and was flexible when I found out I would need to be induced 3 weeks before my due date. She came in during the middle of the night to the hospital, even after attending a home birth that night! Alicia was a crucial resource to us during the night as my baby was experiencing fetal distress. I still had a beautiful labor and birth experience and Alicia aided with her deep knowledge and experience! She made us feel safe and secure. In the end, I needed a C-section, but even with the surgery she helped me come to the decision on my own and feel good about it. Her gentle presence was part of what made our birth excellent! Doulas are truely worth their weight in gold and Alicia is just that!

Sarah Ann Tyler, 2014 - Trying to put into words how I feel about my labor and delivery experience is not an easy task. Alicia was amazing in helping me have the home birth I really wanted. She was very caring and I believe helped me be more comfortable and achieve the calm and beautiful labor and delivery that I had. Alicia is well gifted in this profession and has an obvious passion for what she does. I want you to know from my heart, that I think you are truly wonderful at what you do. My birth would not have been the same without you there. I can not tell you in words how amazing this experience was for me. Thank you for being apart of it.


Below are some older reveiws from our thumbtack profile page.

Nathana C - In my first pregnancy my husband and I were experiencing some symptoms that were really scaring us. However, the OBGYN we planned on going to could not get us in. We came acrossed Alicia Witt online and called her and she got us in right away. She was very compassionate and kind and really listened to our concerns. Even though we were in the process of a miscarriage, we were so grateful God led us to her. She got us in that same day for an ultrasound and really helped us work through it all. We feel very loved and supported. did I mention that she took hours out of her day and didn't charge us a thing?

Alexis F - Alicia was a student midwife at the time and she took hours out of her time to help me in my situation. Very helpful! I'm very greatful for amazing midwives!

Mary P - Alicia was a student midwife throughout the pregnancy and homebirth of my 3rd baby. She worked alongside my midwife and they were a fabulous team!! She always made me feel very comfortable and answered all questions and concerns with factual information and without her own judgement or opinion which allowed me to feel supported in my decisions throughout the process. At the birth, she helped me work through contractions teaching me how to work with my body. In my previous labors, I had never really figured out how to work with the contractions so her support in this aspect was truly awesome! She was also wonderful after the birth during the first few weeks when we were struggling with breastfeeding. I called her a few times for help and she came over to help immediately and her advice and suggestions were spot on every time.

Chanel W - She is an amazing, loving very well educated woman love her!

Rachel M - This woman is amazing! She was a Student Midwife that was assisting my care and birth with my midwife. I felt completely comfortable in her care at all times. I never felt I was being judged and she was always attentive to my questions, needs and wants. There are so many wonderful midwives out there but I really couldn't have picked a better team for my first homebirth! Such a wonderful woman to have apart of my birth experience. I never once doubted her knowledge for a minute and I would do it all over again in a heartbeat. I would recommend her to anyone looking into birthing at home!

Jocelin R - Alicia made a huge and outstanding impact during my pregnancy, birth and postpartum! She is such an amazing individual and is always available for her Mommas any day any time. Not only was she present and extremely helpful during my birth by aiding my significant other in supporting me and monitoring my progress while encouraging me through the challenge she also provided our birthing classes in the comfort of our own home AND remains available for questions even a year after the birth of our son. Incredible doesn't even begin to explain what an amazing person Alicia is!!

Cierra W - My experience with Alicia Witt was nothing but positive! She was a Student Midwife assisting my midwife through my pregnancy and birth of my 2nd son. She was very knowledgeable as well as comforting and respectful and professional. I felt very comfortable having her attend my birth and would be more than happy to have her at another of my births in the future. She is a smart and sweet person and she is definitely in the right field!

Anna P - Alicia served me as a "student midwife" in my first home birth experience. While, I know that she was previously an experienced Doula she also was wonderful as a midwife. She is caring, compassionate, knowledgeable and very relateable. I recommend Alica to anyone inquiring of her services.


Some of our clients have also shared their birth stories publicly on their personal pages and blogs, and we would be happy to provide links or make introductions if you want to read them and share the joy.