midwife-sweater-purple-600sqA midwife is responsible for all pre-natal care during pregnancy, will guide through labor and birth, and care for the newborn. She responds to the woman as a caring and collaborative partner, highly trained to work with each unique situation, and offers advice and support to the mother as needed. Just a phone call away, she is an invaluable birth team member to answer a mother's questions or concerns. A midwife gets to know her client and she builds a lasting relationship with her.

As the due date closes in the midwife closely monitors the mother and anticipates the birth with excitement - really she can hardly wait for the call! From the onset of labor the midwife is present to assist. With the mother being the central decision maker regarding the birth and her child, the midwife is familiar with the desires of the mother, she is supportive while quietly monitoring the progress of the mother and baby. While mother is laboring the midwife may offer suggestions on easing contractions, reassure or calm the mother, whilst also ensuring the birth is progressing naturally.

Once the new baby has been born, the midwife will support both mother in helping her to get the baby to suckle for the first time. When the time comes she will cut the cord, clean baby, and perform all the required newborn tests. After the birth she provides postpartum care of the infant as well as the mother, with visits that offer a deeper level of caring than a standard doctor visit.

Midwives are state licensed and nationally certified to care for low-risk, healthy women. Specializing in home birth and supporting a mother who prefers to have a baby without anesthesia (epidural). A midwife will allow a woman to have a birth experience using the natural childbirth techniques she has chosen.